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It was announced by the official email service, FUNK-LOVE mail, in mid August that TSUYOSHI DOMOTO is going to hold 3 days concerts in HEIAN JINGU this year again. It has become like an annual event for him to have concerts there since 2010. Because of the open-air space and atmosphere right in front of the ritual hall of the shrine, it has been always a special and memorable one. It starts with dusk, and it closes with the starry sky. TSUYOSHI's beautiful songs will echo in the sky of Kyoto again.

The great news followed by another; the 11th single CD will be released in September. The song, Mabataki, is a theme song of TV drama Tenma san ga yuku (started in July on TBS) which TSUYOSHI plays the leading role. There will be 4 types of packages with DVD and/or different bonus songs. Check them up!
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Profound Wisdom is the English title for KOKOROMI by NHK; TSUYOSHI DOMOTO's special program in series since 2010.

The subtitle Destiny is given this time. TSUYOSHI has a talk with a wise man and woman; a carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples in Nara, and a French cuisine chef in Tokyo.

NHK World Premium Profound Wisdom Part1

NHK World Premium Profound Wisdom Part2

The program is very unique in style and genre. This is one of the rare opportunities to watch TSUYOSHI talking about his philosophy with his own words on TV.
Don't miss it!

Previous series of KOKOROMI:
Both broadcasted on NHK Educational TV

In 2010, KOKOROMI was broadcasted for the first time. TSUYOSHI DOMOTO talked about life, love and his own bitter experience in the past with Mr. Shionuma, one of the only two monks in the past 1300 years who successfully completed the hardest Buddhist training in Yoshino, Nara.

In 2011, TSUYOSHI visited the world heritage, Kumano in Wakayama and Totsukawa village in Nara. TSUYOSHI sent a strong message how much our ancestors had respected the nature and passed on the wisdom to today's people.
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Heian Jingu 2012
*photos taken on Sep 15, 2012

TSUYOSHI DOMOTO's open-air concert at Heian Jingu ended in great success on last Sunday.
Heian Jingu is a Shinto shrine in Kyoto that is listed as an important cultural property of Japan. TSUYOSHI has held his concerts there every year since 2010.

TSUYOSHI appeared on the stage with a mask and opened the concert with a unique dance, which suggests Japanese classical music drama, "Noh". Followed by 'shamanippon' with his guitar, TSUYOSHI not only sang his original songs but performed some instrumentals at the piano, guitar and bass guitar too. The stage was lighten up with colourful laser during the performance, and created a unique scene with the precinct of the shrine. Approximately 5000 audience thoroughly enjoyed his music and the ambiance of the sacred place while feeling comfortable wind of autumn under starlit sky.

TSUYOSHI said the theme was "as ONE". He sent a strong message to the audience, 'Go with your own will. Though people try to give an answer in yes or no, think in neutral and give your own answer." TSUYOSHI put thought of beautiful Japanese love and the peaceful prayer in music, powerfully and gently.

On the last day, TSUYOSHI proudly said that he received a great compliment from the shrine about his fan being well-mannered. The fan must have felt honored to hear it.

TSUYOSHI closed the concert by leading the audience to do a Shinto prayer; a sequence of 2 bows, then 2 claps, hold a second and a closing bow.

set list

1. ISHI -will-
2. Shamanippon -kuni no uta-
3. Ni Hi
4. Jam session (Keyborad)
5. Jam session (Bass guitar)
6. Cherish our fate with others
7. New song (title unknown)
8. New song (title unknown)

band members

Vocal, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard: TSUYOSHI DOMOTO

Guitar: Tomoyasu Takeuchi, Yukio Nagoshi
Bass guitar: Tamon Mori
Percussion: Steve Eto
Japanese Taiko: Leonard Eto
Keyboard: Tomoji Sogawa
Trombone: SASUKE
Trumpet: Atsushi Ozawa
Saxophone: Takafumi Kawashima
Chorus: Keiko Hiraoka
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shamanippon ship
shamanippon 2
signboard and flag
entrance hall

*photos taken on July 5, 2012

More than a month has passed since TSUYOSHI completed the 41 performances in shamanippon ship. It gained a great success for TSUYOSHI, fans and Nara, his hometown too.  By this long-run concerts, Nara has apparently made huge amount of profit for sight-seeing, and TSUYOSHI was awarded for his contribution by Mayor of Nara.

We know that one of the performance was filmed by Mr. Tsutsumi, who is a director of heianyuki (DVD&blu-ray on sale now), so hopefully shamanippon DVD will be released soon too. 

Meanwhile, let me look back and share another episode of shamanippon ship that I have heard. There are much more episodes shared among fans after each performance than what I have previously written. I can't possibly share the whole stories of each performance with details here, but I think you shouldn't miss what happened on the last day. 

The night, many fans who couldn't get the tickets gathered around outside of shamanippon ship, hoping to feel the mood of the last day by listening to the leak of sounds outside. The delightful surprise was waiting them. They were given a chance to draw for tickets to watch the concert through monitors in the entrance hall, where is only a door away from the concert hall. Around 400 people were able to get in and enjoyed the concert watching the live view on the monitors. 

The surprise wasn't over. Towards the end, when the band members were performing the solo, one of them showed up in the entrance hall and excited the fans with his performance. And at last as for himself, TSUYOSHI appeared too, and happily played his guitar there for a short while. 

TSUYOSHI talked about the night on a radio later. He was hoping that everyone can be in the entrance hall to be even slightly near and feel the concert closer. But there were a lot more people gathered than expected the night, and 100-200 fans were still outside of the ship.
"As for the last song, we opened out the entrance door as well as the outside door, and we did call-and-response in 3 parts; the audience inside the concert hall, in the entrance hall and ourside. I never expected that I could hear voice from outside but I did hear them. We all did call-and-response together in one. I never imagined I could see the audience outside from inside the hall. It was absolutely amazing. That was one valuable experience." (from his radio program "Fashion and Music book" on 11/8/2012) 

TSUYOSHI had minded the volume throughout the 41 performances not to be a nuisance to the neighborhood. TSUYOSHI was very careful towards the end of the performance each night, and often chose a ballad with piano in an encore, whispered and reminded the audience to keep down the volume even on the way back to the station. You can imagine how special and exceptional it was to throw doors open to share the sounds. TSUYOSHI must have done it desperately to show his gratitude for many fans who gathered for the last performance. 

Shamanippon ship has stopped "sailing" for the moment, but TSUYOSHI hinted about the next trip to be sometime next year. It was a great success and such an experience for fans to feel his music and himself so close that you've never imagined. TSUYOSHI proudly said that the "short-walk" performance has come true only with all the fans' manners and understanding. It goes without saying that the bond of TSUYOSHI and his fans deepened still more.

Apart from shamanippon project, TSUYOSHI is now ready to groove on the stage of Heian Jingu in Kyoto on 14, 15 and 16 Sep, 2012. 
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The theatre "shamanippon ship" is built specially for this concert tour in Nara, where Tsuyoshi's hometown. It means a lot to him as Tsuyoshi always says "neither +(plus) 1 nor -(minus) 1, but ZERO." The ship has taken a departure from ZERO. When all the concerts are finished, where would it be?

Every time after the concert, hundreds of tweets are spread among fans to share the details of the concert such as the set list, messages and actions of TSUYOSHI.

Here are some episodes that I knew from twitter and like to share with you.

TSUYOSHI usually has a talk-session a few times inbetween songs. TSUYOSHI and his band members are very relaxed and freely have a chat and make jokes on stage, sometimes even with fans.

Moreover, TSUYOSHI actually steps down from the stage and goes for "a short walk" with his guitar along the alley between the audience. It is of course extraordinary for such a big musician like him to approach so close to fans during performance without security guard. Fans go crazy and it causes chaos, you guess. But not with his fans. As much as all the fans are excited and screaming as TSUYOSHI approaches, there is actually no one has tried to cross a border and distract him by touching or stepping into his way.

Both TSUYOSHI and fans feel the bond and trust there, I believe. To prove it, TSUYOSHI even takes a step closer (as close as you can feel his breathe, they said!) to fans and tries to communicate with fans by dancing together, mischievioisly looking into the eyes of fans in tears, giving flying kisses, letting a small boy touch his guitar, sitting down on one of the audience seats to play guitar and more.

Almost every time after the performance, Shama_nipponjin on twitter tweets something. It's not clear if it is TSUYOSHI himself or one of the staff that tweets, but he always sends his appreciation for us to be a part of shamanippon ship.

I have not got onto the ship yet, but with all the episodes spread on tweeters and the message and photos from shama_nipponjin excite me and make me feel almost like I was actually there with them every night.

I hope I was able to share the excitement with you here.

I will be back after my ride on the ship soon!
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