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shamanippon live concert has been successfully carried out 19 performances so far.
The set list and the band members are mostly pre-determined but not fixed. TSUYOSHI and the band enjoy jam session to make a different groove on each performance.

On the 14th performance (17 June), TSUYOSHI also performed a new song that he just composed the night before, and called it "Eni-groovin'" temporarily. It is still in the progress as it's played every time, but TSUYOSHI hopes to release this song after it's completed, he said.


2. shamanippon -kuni no uta-
3. Ni Hi
4. The next dimension
5. ...rakachinotohi
6. Mirai eno wasuremono
7. hito kara nanika eto
8. Mind light blues
9. one beat

(a couple of more of different combination among those songs blow)

jam session
new song (En-groovin')
kimi ga ima
SUNK you
Cherish our fate with others
I'm you, you're me

Band members

Vocal and Guitar: TSUYOSHI DOMOTO

Drum: Gota Yashiki
Bass guitar: Kenken / Tamon Mori
Percussion: Steve Eto
Keyboard: Tomoji Sogawa
Keyboard: SWING-O
Guitar: Tomoyasu Takeuchi
Guitar: Taiji Sato / Yukio Nagoshi / Hirotaka Shimizu
Trompone: SASUKE
Trumpet: Luis Valle / Atsushi Ozawa
Saxophone: Munefumi Kawashima
Chorus: Keiko Hiraoka
Chorus: TIGER
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