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Profound Wisdom is the English title for KOKOROMI by NHK; TSUYOSHI DOMOTO's special program in series since 2010.

The subtitle Destiny is given this time. TSUYOSHI has a talk with a wise man and woman; a carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples in Nara, and a French cuisine chef in Tokyo.

NHK World Premium Profound Wisdom Part1

NHK World Premium Profound Wisdom Part2

The program is very unique in style and genre. This is one of the rare opportunities to watch TSUYOSHI talking about his philosophy with his own words on TV.
Don't miss it!

Previous series of KOKOROMI:
Both broadcasted on NHK Educational TV

In 2010, KOKOROMI was broadcasted for the first time. TSUYOSHI DOMOTO talked about life, love and his own bitter experience in the past with Mr. Shionuma, one of the only two monks in the past 1300 years who successfully completed the hardest Buddhist training in Yoshino, Nara.

In 2011, TSUYOSHI visited the world heritage, Kumano in Wakayama and Totsukawa village in Nara. TSUYOSHI sent a strong message how much our ancestors had respected the nature and passed on the wisdom to today's people.
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