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It was announced by the official email service, FUNK-LOVE mail, in mid August that TSUYOSHI DOMOTO is going to hold 3 days concerts in HEIAN JINGU this year again. It has become like an annual event for him to have concerts there since 2010. Because of the open-air space and atmosphere right in front of the ritual hall of the shrine, it has been always a special and memorable one. It starts with dusk, and it closes with the starry sky. TSUYOSHI's beautiful songs will echo in the sky of Kyoto again.

The great news followed by another; the 11th single CD will be released in September. The song, Mabataki, is a theme song of TV drama Tenma san ga yuku (started in July on TBS) which TSUYOSHI plays the leading role. There will be 4 types of packages with DVD and/or different bonus songs. Check them up!
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