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- Cherish our fate with others -

There is an old word in Japan: "EN", in old times, Japanese pronounced this word "ENI".... "ENI" is like a beautiful thread of fate, not visible to the eye.

'For example, when people meet, and it is as if they were brought together by the gods.'

'For example, when you visit a certain place for the first time, but you feel as if you've been there before.'

'For example, when the spirit (KOKORO) has been born within you because you've met a certain person or visited a certain place, guided by fate (ENI). '

'Let us feel the "ENI" that has made chance encounters until today, and let us live with it strongly and purely.'

... "ENI" has already connected all of our hearts and our countries.

*** quoted from a booklet of "NIPPON", Tsuyoshi Domoto's first album released in Europe, 2011.

Right at this moment, you are here visiting us.

THIS is exactly ENI.

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