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Cherish our fate with others (Eni wo Yuite) by TSUYOSHI DOMOTO is used as a departure tune for express in the following stations of Kintetsu line;
Kintetsu Nara, Kashihara Jingumae, Kyoto, Osaka Uehonmachi, and Osaka Abunobashi.

It has started since Mar 20, 2012, and is supposed to continue for about a year.

♪ "Cherish our fate with others" (Eni wo Yuite)
His 9th single CD released in Apr 2011.
Also, recorded in his album, NIPPON, released in 15 countries in Europe in Sep 2011.

Eni wo Yuite -live arrange version is recorded in his new album, shamanippon -rakachinotohi.
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