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TSUYOSHI DOMOTO began this project in Dec, 2005. It is totally independent from Johnny's group, KinKi Kids, where he belongs to. His own official website was set up, which was exceptional among the Johnny's.

ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI is produced by TSUYOSHI DOMOTO himself. TSUYOSHI composed and wrote all the songs, designed the character called sankaku as the mascot of the project, and got involved in all the details to maintain its focus on what exactly TSUYOSHI wanted to express.

"ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI is, in short, TSUYOSHI DOMOTO himself as well as TSUYOSHI DOMOTO's brain.", the advertisement showed at the beginning of ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI. The project name was used as his artist name too when TSUYOSHI made any work of art including music, fashion and graphic arts.

'Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri' is the full name of the fish. Polypterus means 'fish with many wings' in Japanese translation. TSUYOSHI chose the name believing to gain such wings in his work, and to be free to reach out to many places.

TSUYOSHI felt a big gap between the image of him as an idol and who he really is, and suffered from panic disorder caused by full of stree and pressure he had had ever since 18. Music was the one saved him, TSUYOSHI said later. He realized that music has such strong power and energy to grab a person badly damaged like him, and that's when he started to get serious with music.
'I'm not denying what I have been doing (as an idol KinKi Kids)', TSUYOSHI mentioned in magazine, 'but want to keep two separate rooms with a door in-between.


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