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Official website and more

TSUYOSHI DOMOTO's official website (in Japanese)
Sample tracks of his recent singles can be found under DISCOGRAPHY.
縁を結いて = Eni wo Yuite (Cherish our fate with others)
Nijiの詩 = Niji no Uta (Rainbow poetry)

mail to Tsuyoshi
Why not send email to his radio program, "Domoto Tsuyoshi and Fashion & Music Book” on bayFM, 78.0MHz, 20:00-20:30 Saturdays
Mention our website name "Tsuyoshi-ing World in English" in your email. We will inform you if it's read.

TSUYOSHI DOMOTO information email service
Send a blank email, and you will receive a link to register.
*The emails are in Japanese only.



Official twitter account of shamanippon label

Official twitter account for his news "shama news"

*Unofficial English translation account →
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